7 Causes of Hair Loss in Women

Men aren’t the only ones who lose hair. Of course, when it comes to age, men are far more likely to lose their hair than women are. However, there are certain circumstances that can cause a woman to lose her hair as well.

For the most part, a woman’s hair will grow back much easier than a man’s hair. We’ve found seven different causes of hair loss in women that may result in a permanent loss of hair. Some of them are unavoidable, while others are a result of poor attention to your hair.

If you would like to know the potential causes of hair loss in women, then take a look below!

1. Hereditary Causes

In the same way that we have MPB, (Male Pattern Baldness) we also have FPB. (Female Pattern Baldness) It is far less common than MPB, but FPB does exist.

Certain families have a history of women who lost some of their hair for no apparent reason. A unique strand of DNA in that family’s bloodline would cause some of the women’s hair follicles to discontinue growing hair.

There are very few women that go completely bald from FPB. Generally, the result is that the hairline on the forehead goes up a couple of inches. Thankfully, this can be covered by letting your bangs grow out over it.

2. Hormonal Imbalance

Your hormones are connected to every form of growth in your body. You can’t grow new skin, hair, or anything without hormones. There are times when a woman’s hormone levels become imbalanced. The cause of this hormonal imbalance can be anything from general stress to pregnancy. For more info on hair loss and hair growth in women, check out nisim.com

Whatever the cause of the hormonal imbalance, it may cause your hair follicles to stop growing hair. This is usually temporary, and your hair will start growing again once your hormones balance out.

3. Medications (Allergies)

There are also some medications that specific women are allergic to that may cause their hair to stop growing. Using these medications for too long can even result in completely dead hair follicles. If your hair follicles die, then your hair will never grow from that follicle again.

If you do notice that your hair is growing slowly or falling out, consider getting yourself checked for allergies to any medications you’ve been taking recently.

4. Supplements (Bodily Rejection)

Supplements can also cause hair loss under certain circumstances. We use supplements for various vitamins and nutrients that we may not get enough of in our regular diet these days.

Most of these supplements come in pill or powder form, with others being injected directly into the body. Whatever the method, our bodies sometimes reject these supplements.

If a supplement gets rejected by your body, the body tries to fight it off as long as it remains in your system. The resulting fight can have any number of side effects. These side effects can be anything from a slight fever or headache to your hair falling right out of your head.

5. Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy is an obvious one. If you’ve seen any woman undergo chemotherapy, which is a form of radiation therapy for removing cancerous cells from the body, you’ll know that the hair is bound to fall out eventually.

Radiation therapy may completely kill all of your hair follicles, resulting in permanent baldness. While that doesn’t always happen, it is a small price to pay for surviving cancer!

6. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Being overly stressed from a previous traumatic event of some form also has an effect on your hair. When you get stressed out on a daily basis, your blood flow is erratic. Because your hair follicles aren’t receiving what they need at a timely pace, they can weaken and stop growing new hair strands.

When this occurs, it will be temporary for a time. However, if your stress goes on untreated for too long, you may find yourself without hair forever!

7. Lack of Care

Finally, a woman may suffer hair loss for simply not looking after it well. Things like blow-drying your hair right after a shower or combing wet hair can damage the roots. There are tons of other irresponsible actions you can take that will cause your hair to suffer. Take good care of your hair, or risk losing it!


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