WELCOME TO “GirlyVirly”

My name is Ava who is living in Delhi NCR and by profession, I am a Software Engineer (A job that has nothing to do with Fashion & Beauty). As I am not a makeup artist or Fashion designer but I am so passionate about all the Fashion & Beauty related things !!


I am not a regular blogger, this is my first blog which I am writing to you and also of course for me. My idea behind starting this blog, I want to collect all the Fashion & Beauty related best things from initial to end at just one place.

Giving you an example, for foundation I want to solve all your queries like “what is your skin type and skin tone, what types of foundation are available in market and how they are different from each other, what foundation going to suits you according to your skin, list of best foundation available in market, how to apply foundation with makeup brush or fingers and many more things or tips which are related to foundation. I know it is very tough for beginners to start their Makeup journey and just for applying one thing like eyeliner or foundation they have to search many different sites to get their fruitful result. And I am frankly speaking even I have faced the same situation where from the last many years I have wasted too many hours on different sites, blogs or videos just to get one fruitful result but till now I have not found a single place(site or blog) which can train you from initial to end. I always want that there should be a single place which can train you from initial to end and save your precious time and solve all your queries regarding Fashion & Beauty. So, information present on this blog is either written by me or extracted from different-different websites so that you can get the best result. I hope now you got the reason why I have made this blog.

“I just want to inspire everyone to become the best version of themselves through Makeup & Fashion.”

I will be truly happy if you get in touch with me via reply or write for us. I can’t respond to your each and every inquiry, but I will do my best to address them in my posts. You can contact me on the email Id [email protected]. As I am new in this blog world so I always love to have you 🙂