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Aarti Yadav is a contributor at GirlyVirly. She contributes some good article here. She aspires to provide an invaluable guide to live life in a better way.

Some Effective Weight Lose Tips

Hello all beautiful ladies, I am back again!! As every other woman on this earth, I also have some weight related issues. So, from this april, I am trying to sort them out. Hope! you all will find these Weight loss tips very informative. Here I’m going to share my current weight loss diet chart […]

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How To Get Rid Of Negative Energies From Your Home

In this post, I’ll be sharing some useful methods of removing the negative energies that might be surrounding your house. “Negative energies”, what are they ?? Actually, it’s an aura that may surround your home, if not taking care of several aspects. Trust me or not, but it exists. So, how to know whether these […]

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How To Give Birthday Surprise To Your Man

Hello all lovely girls, how are you all? Hope, you all are doing well. Today I’ll be sharing some useful & in budget tips for a memorable birthday surprise for your man. Girls, we all loved to be pampered & so does men. Imagine the kind of happiness, we get when he used to make […]

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How To Do MakeUp In This Demonetization

Here are some low budget makeup ideas for wedding guests or bridesmaid, which are very useful as it’s a season of the weddings as well as of demonetization. So, here are some tips you can find helpful for getting ready in low budget. Use Moisturizer As A Primer These little magic bottles are known as […]

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Everyone Has Their “First Drinking Story”

MY FIRST DRINKING STORY !! Everyone has a story about their first time drinking and I am too having a drinking story. I want to share it with you “how I got drunk” and “what sort of BEVKOOFIYAN, I’d done that day”. As I told you earlier, mine is a happy marriage where we keep on […]

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“The Strongest Bond”

Hello, everyone, I may sound orthodox, but trust me having a baby in a marriage can create the strongest bond between any couple. My marriage was a happy one, but something was missing in my married life. Like everyone, we too had different pasts, due to which we both felt possessive for each other and we […]

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How’s Your Man In Bed-Zodiac Sign

“How is your man in bed??” Actually, it is a very sensitive and secret topic but it could be fun according to the zodiac. So don’t miss this out, maybe you’ll get a hint about your partner. In this post, I’ll be sharing some common traits of zodiac signs in bed. Hope this will be useful, […]

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