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Best Face Brush: Keep Dirt Off of Your Face!

Maybe you’ve been thinking about it for a while and is finally tempted by the hundredth beauty influencer singing their praises, or perhaps you saw one, and it piqued your interest, but suddenly you find yourself wanting to invest in a facial care system and is on the hunt for the best face brush. After […]

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How to Remove Eye Makeup: A No-Tears Guide

Whether it’s because you’ve rarely needed to before or because you’re just so exhausted to bother with it, there’s just something inherently daunting about learning how to remove eye makeup and much more to do it! Sometimes, the chore itself can even discourage you to experiment with your makeup, even though you’ve amassed quite a collection! Face […]

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Best Eye Makeup Remover: Reveal Your Peeper’s Real Beauty

If you’ve ever been engaged in the tear-worthy battle of removing stubborn waterproof mascara or even if you simply have sensitive eyelids, then it seems like the search for the best eye makeup remover is a never-ending journey that usually ends in haphazardly smudged eyeshadow and lots of mascara-stained tears. Most of us are aware […]

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Best Hair Straightener: The Top Three Picks

Have you ever fantasized about having that shiny and bouncy hair that shampoo and conditioner models have? Sure you did! That’s exactly the reason why we purchase hair product after hair product—only to find out that the effects on our hair are different. What are we missing? The best hair straightener, obviously! If you have […]

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