Best Nail Art Designs

For many women, nail painting is not just part of a beauty regimen anymore; it has already been considered as an opportunity to make a fashion statement nowadays. Along with the introduction of new fashionable items in the market, thousands of unique and stylish nail decorative ideas have also been dominating the web. Suddenly, nail art becomes the newest trend and women from all over the world found a new way to express themselves.

There is no limit in nail art; you can do any design you want as long as you feel beautiful with your chosen design. So, if you’re in the mood to experiment and elevate your fashion sense, we highly recommend that you start learning nail art.

I never thought I would be interested doing this either. I just got interested in nail art after watching an animated movie and thought it would be fun to do my favorite characters on my nails. My nails looked fascinating after painting, and to tell you honestly, I had so much fun doing that even though it was not as easy as the traditional nail polish application. In fact, I did more nail designs after that.

I am sharing some of the simple yet funny nail designs to give you inspirations in case you want to do your nails, too.

Simple Yet Funny Nail Art

Nail art is something that you can do without having to follow any rule, so have the liberty to choose whatever color or design you want. But if you want to achieve a stylish nail art, consider using light nail colors instead of dark ones. Pulling off freehand designs on fingertip-sized canvasses is not easy, so always opt for a design that you really want to do to make your nail painting activity more fun and exciting.
















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If you want to see more nail art inspirations, watch the video below. We’ll show you more nail designs that you’ll surely love to have at your fingertips.

Feeling inspired to do your own nails now? Grab your nail polish and dotting tools and make your nails beautiful by creating unique designs and colorful patterns.


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