Beyond Beauty 3-Pack Spring Twist Hair Extension Review

Want to change your look in an instant? Worry no more as there are readily available products that can change your look quickly and easily. The Beyond Beauty 3-Pack Spring Twist Hair Extension is the perfect solution for your bad hair days. Check below to find out more about this amazing product!

Beyond Beauty 3-Pack Spring Twist Hair Extension


With Beyond Beauty hair extensions, you’ll definitely have a new look in an instant. This 3-pack hair extension set is a unique and excellent addition to your accessories. It is easy to work with giving you a perfect look without worrying much on spending and losing your most valuable time. Some of its distinct features are as follows.

  • Simply Stylish Design

This Beyond Beauty product gives a stylish appeal and look to its users. It allows you to choose from its vast array of styles and choices including the spring twist hair, bomb twist hair, spring twist crochet hair, fluffy twist hair, crochet hair twist, and crochet hair curly.

  • High-Quality Materials

This hair extension set comes with durable and sturdy materials. It is made with 100% Kanekalon hair that is known to have low temperature and non-flammable fibers. The hair extension also comes with synthetic crochet braids and an 8-inch spring twist hair that are guaranteed soft and bouncy even with regular use.

  • Amazing Construction

The Beyond Beauty hair extensions offer amazing construction from the top to the ends. It comes with an 8-inch fold length, and 16-inch unfold length that can fit any hair lengths perfectly. The exquisite top is created neatly and tangle-free and prevents shedding.

It’s regularly twisted, and full-body middle construction comes in healthy, bouncy, elastic, and soft strands. They look like real human hair that fits any occasion and season perfectly. Lastly, the ends of the hair extensions give a full, and thick ends without any split end present. It undergoes special tail treatment to ensure less messy looks even during transport.

  • Outstanding Quality

The quality hair used in making these hair extensions ensures the safety of the users especially the possible effects on the skin. It has no smell and feels soft for a healthy and harmless frequent use.

  • Flexible and Versatile

This hair extension can be used daily and during parties and other events. Their wide range of choices will provide a secure yet comfortable look and attachment all day long. It also uses easy installation methods and techniques for a more time-saving feature. The twists can be used for five to six weeks depending on how you take care of the hair extensions.

  • Natural Looks and Color

The spring twist hair is made naturally to ensure the comfort of the users. They are available in several variants depending on your desired color and style. Some of the most notable color include #1B, #1, #2, #4, #27, #30, #T1B/27, #T1B/30, T1B/33, 1B/Bug, and T1B/350.


  • Highly durable
  • Stylish and chic
  • Natural-looking
  • Comfortable to use
  • Comes in several colors


  • Hair color may vary from actual


The Beyond Beauty 3-Packs Spring Twist Hair Extension is an amazing hair accessory that gives volume and life to your dull hair in an instant.

It comes with stylish and natural-looking strands that fit your hair perfectly. The construction from the top, middle and the ends are strong and treated carefully to prevent tangling, shedding, and messy looks even with the presence of air.

Overall, the comfort and ease of use that it gives users make it more convenient to use in any occasion and season. At an affordable price, the Beyond Beauty 3-Pack Spring Twist Hair Extension is a must-have for a more stylish and fashionable you!

Comparing with Another Product

Hair extensions are the easiest way to fix your hair. With the wide array of choices, we’ve compared two of the most notable products available on the market today–the Beyond Beauty 3-Packs Spring Twist Hair Extension and the Befunny 6-Pack Kinky Twist Hair Extension.

Both of these products offer stylish and unique hairstyles. While the Beyond Beauty Hair Extension gives a spring twist style, the Befunny Hair Extension comes with an Afro kinky curl that varies with different style including weave bulk, kinky curly crochet hair, Marley twists braids hair, and synthetic hair crochet braiding hair.

They are also made from highly durable materials. The Beyond Beauty Hair Extension is made with Kanekalon hair. On the other hand, the Befunny Hair Extension uses low-temperature fiber synthetic hair giving a soft feel just like the human hair. These materials are guaranteed to stay longer and in good condition even with frequent use.

Both the hair extensions are easy and comfortable to use. The Beyond Beauty Hair Extension provides secure and comfortable attachment while the Befunny Hair Extension comes with a pre-looped feature for easy installation. It comes with affordable tips that can be easily curled with the aid of hot water.

When it comes to the overall look and style, these hair extensions both offer extremely soft, manageable, and natural-looking hair. However, the Befunny Hair Extension comes with only with the popular black color as compared to the Beyond Beauty Hair Extension that is available in different colors and shades.


After carefully comparing the two best hair extensions on the market today, we’ve come up with the best product.

The Beyond Beauty 3-Pack Spring Twist Hair Extension is a better option due to its style, color, and price. Its highly durable construction allows users to enjoy different looks in simple and easy steps. You are guaranteed to have a new and amazing look in just seconds. No matter what your hair color is, there is a perfect Beyond Hair Extension for you! Plus, they are highly economical, so you don’t need to worry about losing your budget.

On the other hand, if you have more money to spend with hair extensions, then you can opt to choose the Befunny 6-Pack Kinky Twist Hair Extension. This will give a kinkier look in no time. However, this hair extension is limited only to one color, black.


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