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Hobby is a regular activity that is done for enjoyment in free time(or in leisure time). It is something which always gives you happiness, if you are not happy with that particular activity then surely it is not your hobby. Hobbies can be anything which makes you happy like “singing”, “dancing”, “sketching”, “crafting”, “sewing” etc.
Most of the peoples have their hobbies and some are very passionate about it even some of the people make their hobby as their career like photography, DJ, climbing, traveling etc.

Sometimes I have met with some of the persons who don’t know about their hobbies might be because they can’t find anything that makes them happy and I agree finding your hobbies is sometimes very difficult. And there are lots of genuine reasons from which people find it difficult like they find many activities boring or difficult or they find those activities from a disinterested eye or they don’t get free time or many others reasons.

I really want to help those persons who don’t know about their hobbies but they want to make some simple activities as their hobbies. And I know these days finding time from your busy schedule is very difficult that’s why I am suggesting some very easy hobbies and I hope you gonna love them.

Before choosing your hobbies I want you to request one thing…!!

Do something different (that you love to do) from your daily day to day routine and make that thing as your hobby and then grow your hobby skills and start sharing or spreading it as your passion so that everyone will start recognizing you because of your passion(hobby).

“So, please be passionate about your hobbies or the things that you love to do.”



If you are slightly creative in nature and having some patience then there are lots of hobby options available for you like sewing, crafting, jewelry making, gardening, painting, dancing, singing and lots more things. Here, I am suggesting you some of the very easy hobbies which you can learn easily.


Image result for fancy calligraphy alphabet styles from a to z

Draw Cartoon Characters

Image result

Write Short Stories


If you are not so much creative then you don’t have to be worry about it. There are so many hobbies that not demand your creativity, they demand something else like some of the hobbies demand your personal likes, some presentation also so that you can present your likes in a Better way.

Start Giving Reviews Or Suggestions

Create Your Playlist/Mashups

Start Blogging

 Start Your Own Club


If you are lazy or having a very tight routine then also there are few things which you can do as your hobby. You can easily start collecting things like Stamp, Unique Notes, Country Currencies or anything that you like.

Start Collecting Things



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