Foundation Tips Every Beginners Need To Know

Foundation Tips Every Beginners Need To Know

Foundation is the most important makeup product which provides you a flawless look to your face.  And searching for the best foundation which going to suit your skin color, skin type, coverage needs, and other personal preferences can feel like an endless quest. Let us help you to discover how you can find your perfect match.

Get To Know Your Skin Undertone

Once you determine your skin undertone then you will get to know what foundation gonna work for you. Most of the companies label their shades like “C” for cool, “W” for warm and “N” for neutral skin undertones. If there is no label present in a brand then you can itself find it easily because shades for cool undertones will have a pinkish hue and shades for warm undertones will have a yellowish hue.

Get To Know Your Skin Type

Before choosing a shade for you, it is compulsory to know your skin type like you are having dry skin, oily skin, combination skin or sensitive skin. There are different types of foundation are available in the market like liquid, cream, and powder. Like liquid works for every skin type but if you are having an oily skin then try to purchase a “matte” or a “cream” foundation which can control your oiliness. And if you are having a dry skin then try to purchase a cream foundation which gonna moisturize your skin etc. Try to decide in which foundation, you feel most comfortable.

Our Collective Muse
Our Collective Muse

Follow Skin Care Routine Which Gives You A Flawless Skin

Now, if know your skin type and skin tone then try to follow some skin care routine which gonna gives you a flawless face so that when you gonna apply foundation on your face then it gonna look amazing.

Decide How Much Coverage You Want

This is the most important point you should remember before you gonna purchase any foundation. Different foundations offer different types of coverage like low, medium or high. If you have skin with few blemishes then light coverage foundation gonna work for you. Or If you have more blemishes or uneven skin then high coverage foundation gonna work for you. For most of the skin, a medium coverage foundation gonna work.

Choose A Perfect Shade For Your Skin

Choosing a foundation for your skin is the most difficult task. If you are purchasing it from a beauty store then there are some beauty sales girls are available who can help you in this matter, just before picking up any foundation always try to tell them your skin tone and skin type. Try to test foundation on your face as well as on your neck too for the best results. Be sure you aways look your foundation in natural light as well as an interior light. And by mistake, if you got a darker shade foundation for your skin then you can mix your foundation with some moisturizer to lighten it (it’s a cool trick seriously 🙂 ).


Use A Primer For Best Results

Always try to use makeup primer before applying your foundation. It will give your foundation a smoother finish as well as a long staying power. Your foundation will last much longer if you apply a layer of primer underneath. Always make sure that you give your primer a few minutes to dry before applying your foundation.

Apply Foundation According To Your Skin

This is the another very important point what many of us don’t know about it. If you don’t apply your foundation in a proper way then it can create a “Cakey” look to your face. And yes there is not an exact single way that foundation must be applied because everyone has their own technique. The three most common techniques to apply it are with your fingers, foundation brush or makeup sponge. Applying foundation with makeup sponge in a dabbing style is always better than a rubbing style (I separately gonna write a post about it, till then please wait 😉 ),

Blend Away Any Lines

Makeup lines take away from the beauty you are trying to create. Always make sure that you blend your foundation in rather than just stopping it abruptly. If you are still makeup lines are showing on your face then it might be possible that you are wearing the wrong shade. A shade that is too dark for your skin won’t blend into your skin.

Set With The Powder

It is very important to set your foundation because liquid and cream foundations both have a wet finish. So, brushing a bit of powder over them will help them to set in place for the entire day. It will only take a small amount of powder to do this. And yes be careful not to use too much powder otherwise it can settle into fine lines on your face and make your face cakey.

These are the tips to help with foundation when it is new to you. Hope this article is going to work for you. And still, you have any query regarding this then you can free to ask 🙂