How Do I use BB Cream on My Skin?

In the modern beauty world, BB creams play a chief role. A combination of moisturizer and foundation, BB creams give you the perfect tone your face needs. Furthermore, another crucial reason as to why they are important is that these creams are super light. Meaning, these creams are neither heavy nor sticky.

Considering their use, BB creams can be rightfully tagged as the best face moisturizer in today’s world.

How to use a BB cream?

Before we get down to the steps to use BB creams, you need to make sure that you have the right BB cream for your skin. The point is that you need to ensure that you have the correct type of tone. Be it a Paul Penders BB cream or any other brand’s, each cream comes with a tone.

To make use of BB creams for your face, consider your skin tone first. If possible, compare your skin tone with the tone or the color offered by the brand. Once you know you have the right choice, only then apply the cream on your face.

Why is the tone of the BB cream important?

The first step to apply BB creams on your skin is to know the right tone. Using a tad bit darker or lighter shade will make your face and body’s tone appear different. And that alone ruins the purpose of using the cream. Make sure that your choice of BB cream is as per your skin tone.

1. Clean your fingers before you apply

Once you have the correct type of BB cream, make sure that you clean your fingers. The point is when you apply the cream on your face your fingers need to be clean. If you do so with dirty fingers, you would most likely see a different color in the mix. The dirt from your fingers will mix with the cream and give you a weird look and color.

2. Apply the BB cream

Step two is applying the cream. Pour out some of the cream on your palm, and start spreading it across your face. Use your fingers to spread it evenly over your face. Remember, you need to use the correct amount of the BB cream. Do not add too much of it, that would only make your face look different from other parts of your body.

3. Add some color

Since BB creams function just as any other type of foundation, you are free to add some color to your face after the initial application. You can use some blush to add colors to your cheek.

4. Add volume to your brows

Once you have added the blush, use your make up kit to define your brows. Remember, your goal is to look natural. Define your brows only as much as is required to keep it natural.

5. Add your Make up

Once you have your BB cream and brows set, make use of your make up kit and add more details. Amp up your eyelashes and add some colors to your dazzling lips to finish the job.

To finish, you could make use of a makeup setting spray, which will ensure that your make up stays in place, no matter how distressful the day is. With that, you will be ready to step out and turn heads!


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