How To Get Rid Of Negative Energies From Your Home

In this post, I’ll be sharing some useful methods of removing the negative energies that might be surrounding your house. “Negative energies”, what are they ?? Actually, it’s an aura that may surround your home, if not taking care of several aspects. Trust me or not, but it exists. So, how to know whether these negative energies are surrounding your home or not??

Just observe little things, like if someone is continuously having bad health in your family or money is running out from your hands, or  if any member is feeling tired all day without prior reasons, or there is a lack of peace and harmony in your home, then some sort of negative energy is definitely around you. Now, if you are wondering how to remove these negative energies from your home then try these simple methods to ensure there is a free flow of positive energy through your home.

Sea salt

Just add 1-2 tbsp of salt in a lukewarm bucket of water along with some floor disinfectant, then go for it. Clean your entire house, especially the corners. Go for it daily or at least thrice in a week. Or you can place a bowl filled with sea salt in each corner of your home which faces the northeast and southwest directions. The bowl of salt always should be left in an open space and not placed in a cupboard or close place. It should be replaced by every 2 months.

Sea Salt


Loban is another anti-negative element, which helps you to get rid of every ill ailment from you home. Just take a piece of cow dung cake or papers, set it on fire. After that sprinkle powdered loban on fire. Perform this practice at least thrice in a week, or if you are comfortable, go for it daily.



Guggul helps in purifying the air and also can serve as a mosquito repellent. All you need to do is, just take a piece of cow dung cake, set it on fire. Sprinkle some guggul on it, when it turns red. Make sure to spread it in each and every corner of your house. It is very much effective in removing negative energies from your house. Do this, every evening.



Another remedy to get rid of the said negative energies is to take 2-3 balls of naphthalene, pour a tsp of pure ghee on it and set on fire. The aromatic smell will rejuvenate your house.

Kapoor And Ghee


Spider webs on the ceiling’s corners is a very common problem. But try to get rid of them as early as you notice them, as they can trap all the positivity of your home along with the tiny insects. So don’t let these tiny creatures ruin your peace and harmony.

Spider Web


Make it a habit, always lit a diya in the morning as well as in the evening, as it is also useful in creating positivity in the house. It is mentioned in the Shastras as well, that lightening a diya in the house every morning and evening is a good practice. So go for it and experience the change.

Aarti Yadav

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