How to Apply Serum on Face: The 5 Easy Steps

Nowadays, a lot of people are going crazy about the facial serum. Try to browse beauty blogs and read magazines, and you’ll surely see a lot of serum brands popping out together with other facial-care products. But what is really the reason behind this hype? Read on to know its benefits and learn how to apply serum on face.

what is a serum?

A serum is a highly concentrated skincare product applied to your skin after cleansing and before moisturizing. The active ingredients of serum come in the form of smaller molecules allowing even distribution and deeper penetration into your skin. This mechanism makes it a great tool for targeting skin problems such as wrinkles, fine lines, and dark spots.

how to choose a serum?

With the numerous types of serums available on the market, you should know what suits your skin type best.

Normal Skin

If you have a normal skin type and simply wants to maintain a flawless and youthful glow, then you should use a serum with glycolic acid and aloe vera. Glycolic acid prevents clogging of pores by removing your dead skin cells. Aloe vera enhances hydration and reduces inflammation of your skin.

Acne-Prone Skin

Use a serum with Vitamin C to help manage your acne problems. This ingredient helps revitalize your skin by increasing collagen production and enhancing its repair process. You can also try products with retinol and zinc due to their antioxidant property that can help soothe irritation.

Dry Skin

Apply products with glycolic acid and hyaluronic acid to retain the moisture of your skin. The combination of these components moisturizes and gently exfoliates your skin. Serums with Vitamin E can also be applied to dry skin to protect your cells from oxidative damage.

Dull and Aging Skin

Those with fine lines and wrinkles are advised to use a serum with retinol and peptides. This will help reduce your facial marks and build healthy skin. You can also use products with antioxidants such as green tea extract to help fight the free radicals and promote effective cellular repair.

Serums are super potent products. Misusing it or more than what is required is not always better as it’s concentrated ingredients can irritate your skin.

how to apply serum on face?

Step 1: Wash and Exfoliate

Washing your face will remove the superficial dirt and oil present in your skin while exfoliating will give your pores deeper cleaning.

Wash your face with a scrub or facial wash. Wet and gently massage your face in a circular motion--from your forehead to your cheeks, down to your nose and chin. Rinse thoroughly.

It is highly recommended to wash your face daily and exfoliate your skin 3-4 times a week. Never use a manual exfoliator and chemical exfoliator on the same day.

Step 2: Apply the Serum

The amount of serum that you will need depends greatly on the consistency of its ingredients.

Thinner serums require only a little amount. Apply one drop of thin serum in every section of your face. Use your finger and gently rub the serum in an upward motion onto your cheeks, forehead, nose, and chin area. Be sure to use short light but firm strokes to avoid stretching and rubbing of the skin.

Denser serums should be warmed up prior to application. Drip about 3-5 drops onto the palm of your hand, then rub them together. Doing this will warm the serum and evenly distribute it on both of your hands. Gently apply the serum on your face in a pressing or sweeping movement until both your cheeks, forehead, nose, and chin are covered.

Step 3: Deepen the Serum Absorption

While the serum is still wet, tap your face gently for 30-60 seconds to ensure proper absorption deep in your skin. This tapping action will allow the serum to sink fully in the deeper layers of your skin. You can use your fingers to press your skin lightly in small, circular motions. Repeat the process across your entire face.

Step 4: Apply Moisturizer

The serum applied will dissolve in your skin after a minute or two. Once absorbed, squeeze a dime-size amount of moisturizer onto your hand. Gently rub it over your face. The moisturizer will seal the nourishing properties of the serum giving your skin a radiant glow in no time.

Always check the compatibility of your serum and moisturizer. Be sure that no ingredients will react with each other. You can either use the same brand of serum and moisturizer or check your serum’s claim if it can be included in your normal beauty routine.

Step 5: Makeup Application (Optional)

If you want to apply makeup, then it can be done after the moisturizer application. Let the moisturizer dry for another minute before starting your makeup routine.

important points to consider

  • Always read the instructions printed on the label. This will give you information as to the amount needed, the frequency of use, and the precautions when using the serum.
  • You might experience a tingling sensation when the serum is applied. This is normal. It can be a sign that the active ingredients are getting to your dermis and doing their job. However, too much pain and sensation may be a sign that something is wrong and should be given immediate attention.
  • Always check the shelf-life of your serum. Some brands contain potent ingredients which become unstable through time or when exposed to air. Store your bottle in a cool, dry place or as recommended.

final thoughts

Facial serums are powerful products containing high concentrations of nutrients needed by the skin to stay healthy and radiantly looking. It is deeply absorbed in your skin ensuring optimum efficiency as compared to other skin-care products. Serums work great in eliminating fine lines and wrinkles and enhancing the brightness of your skin.

Choosing the best serum depends on your skin type. Each of the serum has specific components that address different skin problems and concerns.

It is important to know how to apply serum on face as it is vital for its effectiveness. The skin should be properly washed and cleaned prior to serum application to ensure proper penetration of the active ingredients. The right amount should be used and properly applied to avoid piling up skin irritation and achieve the best results of having healthier and youthful, glowing skin.


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