How To Avoid Cakey Foundation

How To Avoid Cakey Foundation

Hello girls, hope you all are doing well. And enjoying this wedding seasons with your family & friends. As wedding seasons are running so I think everyone is having a tight schedule. Even I had faced the same situation, yesterday when I came from my office then my parents requested me to get ready for a family wedding party. Seriously girls that were too late for me and I tried to get a parlor booking but I failed. So, I had decided to get ready by own. After getting ready I went to the wedding party with my family. There I had seen a girl who was looking so beautiful because of her outfit and flawless makeup. But when I got close to her, I personally don’t like her face because it was so cakey. From there I got an idea to write about this post that “How To Avoid Cakey Foundation”. I am giving you some tips regarding this that how you can avoid cakey foundation.


1. Follow Skin Care Routine Which Gives You A Flawless Skin

It is compulsory to follow skin care routine according to your skin type because it going to gives you a flawless face so that when you are going to apply a foundation on your face then it looks amazing. And yes always try to exfoliate your skin in a week because y doing this dry cells present on your skin gets removed.

2. Using Wrong Foundation Type For Your Skin Type

Choosing a wrong foundation type for your skin type is so much responsible for creating a cakey look. If you apply a creamy foundation on an oily skin then it delivers clogged pores or acne and also after sometimes foundation looks very oily and start caking. And on the other side, if you apply matte formulations on a dry skin then it can make dry patches on the skin and after some time it too looks very cakey and dry.

3. Using The Wrong Technique To Apply Foundation 

If you don’t apply your foundation in a proper way then it can create a “Cakey” look to your face. And yes there is not an exact single way that foundation must be applied because everyone has their own technique. The three most common techniques to apply it are with your fingers, foundation brush or makeup sponge.

If you apply foundation with your fingers than any bacteria, dirt, and oils present on your fingers can spread all over your face, especially if you have acne. And using a foundation brush or makeup sponge will help you to properly distribute your product and will leave your complexion flawless. Applying foundation with makeup sponge in a dabbing style is always better than a rubbing style (I separately gonna write a post about it, till then please wait 😉). To prevent acne or oils from spreading, make sure to clean your brushes in every one or two weeks.

4. Set Up With Powder

It is very important to set your foundation with a powder because liquid and cream foundations both have a wet finish. So, brushing a bit of powder over them will help them to set in place for the entire day. It will only take a small amount of powder to do this. Be careful not to use too much powder otherwise it can settle into fine lines on your face and make your face cakey. And yes always try to apply powder in dabbing style with a puff, not in a rubbing style.

5. Pick Up Excess Oil From Your Skin

Use a blotting paper to pick up excess oil from your skin. The worst thing to press down the blotting paper into your face. Because when you press down it means you are pushing the excess oil in which it will trap into your pores and blocking other oils from oozing out and making your face even oilier in just a few hours. Even it can start creating an acne breakout. So, instead of wipe off excess oil by swiping the blotting paper lightly and gently across your face.


Still, if you don’t get the proper idea about cakey foundation then you can see some videos listed below from where I am sure you can get the idea that how to avoid cakey foundation.

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