How To Do Calligraphy Hobbies


Calligraphy is the art of forming beautiful symbols by hand and arranging them well. The word has its root in the Greek language. ‘Kalli’ means beautiful and ‘graphia’ is the Greek word for writing.
Calligraphy is something which can help you in many ways like scrapbook making, cards making or in many of the creative projects etc.

There Are Many Types Of Calligraphy
Western Calligraphy
Eastern Asian Calligraphy
Southern Asian Calligraphy
Islamic Calligraphy


Things You Need To Do Calligraphy

Pen/Pencil/Dip Pen: You need a pen/pencil/Dip pen to make your calligraphy.
Paper: It is the thing where you gonna draw your calligraphy and laserjet paper is a cost-effective and prevents ink feathering/bleeding.
Ink: If you are using “Dip pen” then Ink is required or if you are using a pen then for “filling purpose” you can use a “marker”.
Non-fibrous cloth: For cleaning your “dip pen nib” a non-fibrous cloth is required. A paper towel will work as well, but the fibers may catch in your nib every so often.
What Should Be Taken Care If You Are using Dip Pen
When you are making calligraphy with a dip pen then you have to keep the angle of the nib in relation to the paper constant. And never hold the pen vertically instead you should shoot for a 45 degree angle between pen and paper. If you hold the pen too upright then nib will catch on the fibers in the paper and affect your ink flow.

What Should Be Done For Calligraphy

Practice the strokes & curves
You hold the pen at approx.45° angle from the paper.
For strokes you have to practice for downstrokes/upstrokes and you have to also know how much pressure you have to apply on the strokes.

Practice letters and words
You’ll notice that letters can be grouped in familiar looking shapes – for example the letters b, d, f, h, k, l, t share similarities (upstrokes), as well as the letters g, j, p, q, y, z (downstrokes), then there are the round letters a, c, e, o, and the letters m, n, u, v, w that are similar.
Practice all of these basic letter shapes, and how they connect together.
If you have learned how to write letters or you don’t want to simply go from A to Z, try writing your name or some easy words.

Practice Different Styles
Now only thing which is required is to start practicing with different styles. It is not compulsory to re-create those things which have already created by others you can easily create your own calligraphy style. I am suggesting you some of the easy calligraphy style which you can make easily and build up your confidence towards calligraphy.

Some Capital Alphabets Calligraphy

Image result

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