How To Get A Cool Look With T-Shirts

Hello everyone, hope you all are doing well and enjoying this cozy winters 😉 Today evening after so many days I have met with one of my very close friend and what I personally know about him that he is a very sweet & decent guy and he doesn’t wear funky or cool clothes like other guys. But today evening something was new or I can say different, he was wearing a white star printed dark blue t-shirt with a light blue ripped jeans and a pair of brown shoes which was looking very cool on his personality (At just first look I said “WOW”. You are looking so cool and ask why you don’t wear these types of clothes daily). And he replied Ahhh !! Am I really looking cool or Are you just kidding like always 😉 then I said Nahh !! I really mean it, you are really looking cool today. By the way, I am sorry Guys !! I forgot to take his photo so that I can show you how cool he was looking at that day.

Actually why I am discussing this with you because this was something from where I have got an idea to write this post “How To Get A Simple Cool Look” by just adding some of the simple clothes in your wardrobe. Here, I am just gonna tell you “Simple Cool Looks Related To T-shirts Only” and sure we gonna talk about “Shirts Related Cool Looks” in my next post (until then read my other posts 😉 ).

What I think that we have only one life to live so always try to experiment with new things. I agree that everyone has their personal choice of wardrobe collection and I just want to inspire you all that expand your wardrobe collection and try to experiment with new clothes always. One more thing that I agree, In weekdays we are not in the mood of experimenting as everyone has their busy schedule on weekdays but I think you can do wardrobe experiments on weekends (whenever you will get the free time). Once you will get the time to experiment just check out your wardrobe and try to wear different clothes combination and look yourself in a full-size mirror or you can send your picture to your close friends and ask them “what I am wearing is looking COOL on me” or I have to experiment with some other combinations.

I just want to say that TRY OR EXPERIMENT WITH YOUR CLOTHES BEFORE TAKING A DECISION 🙂 MIGHT BE YOU GONNA LOOK “COOL” IN THEM !! And somebody is just waiting to say “WOW” to you.

Now, I am sharing some of the very Cool t-shirts looks which gonna almost suit all the personality.


This is the first basic look where you can wear a plain/solid t-shirt with any type of bottom wear like a “simple jeans”, “ripped jeans”, “chinos” or “trousers” etc. Here, one thing you should choose smartly i.e your footwear because very few number of people knows this fact that when anyone carries a simple look then footwear become the most attractive outfit in your complete look. If you are not getting what type of footwear gonna suit this look then you can add a pair of “white shoes”(which is trending these days) or a pair of “brown loafer” or a “converse shoes” to your wardrobe. These two or three pair of footwears gonna match mostly all of the possible looks.

Most of the time I heard that people say t-shirt suits only those guys who have Good Physic and yes I agree with this point to some extent but I think this is not true every time. Even I have seen many of the guys who don’t have a Good Physic but still they look very cool in these kinds of clothes.

Below I am giving some pictures related to this simple looks I hope it gonna help you to understand this look better.






This is second basic look where you can wear a printed t-shirts (try to choose small prints always) or a stripe t-shirts with a plain/solid bottom wear. In this look, your t-shirt is the most attractive outfit because everyone has the attention towards your t-shirts prints not on your footwears so here you can take some advantage and you can wear any type of footwear with this look, every footwear gonna suit this look. One thing which is very important as your t-shirt is the most attractive outfit so try to be MORE CHOOSY and smartly choose your t-shirts prints.

Below I am giving some pictures related to this simple looks I hope it gonna help you to understand this look better.




Basically, this looks gonna suit all types of boys like the skinny boys, Good physic boys, chubby boys etc. As when you wear these types of t-shirt then your biceps are not visible to others so everybody has their full attention towards your outfit not on your body physic. If you want this look then you can choose any type 3/4 or full sleeve t-shirt and what I suggest with this look that tries to choose plain color or the horizontal line prints but still if you want to choose printed one then smartly choose your prints 😉 And one thing which is very important to this look that tries to fold your t-shirt sleeve always.

Below I am giving some pictures related to this simple looks I hope it gonna help you to understand this look better.





Still, if you don’t get the proper idea how to wear a t-shirt to look then you can see some videos listed below from where I am sure you can get your favorite look.


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