Nail Polish Collection That Every Woman Should Own

Nail Polish is something which is a girl’s favorite thing because you can do a lot of experiment with it through nail art. And I know, every girl has their personal nail polish collection in her closet. There are basically two types of girls in the world. The first type of girls timely tries to update their nail polish collection. And the second type of girls doesn’t do this might be because they don’t get time or they find this task boring.
If I talk about myself I fall into the first category who always wants to try new things and always try to update my collection.


I have tried so many nail colors which gave me an idea that there are some specific colors which are Evergreen. I think this post can help all those girls who don’t get time to update their closet but they want their collection to be updated.


This is something which is my all time favorite. Your closet should have at least one dark color so that it’s can give you a more confident look. Many girls don’t know this fact that if someone is wearing a dark nail color like black, navy blue or maroon then it suddenly adds some confidence in their look.



This color is perfect for those days when you don’t want to change your nail polish. And you don’t want to match your nail polish with every outfit or when you want your nails to look clean and simple. Then a neutral color nail polish can take your fingers from bare to maintained in no time.



At some particular moments we want to look classy and sexy, what you need to do is just choose a perfect shade of red so that you can easily achieve this look in minutes.



This nail color is best when you need a little shimmer, but nothing too sparkly. This is a universal color which looks so appealing with any type of nails(short or long). This color always complements cool colors and cold months.



If you are wearing any WARK COLOR CLOTHES then this is the color you must have in your closet because gold color always complements the Warm Colors. Golden nail polish always favors dark skin tones and a slightly muted version also looks beautiful on fair skin as well.



The top coast is the last most important nail color you should have in your closet. Because top coat helps your nail polish dry faster and last longer. It always gives your nail polish a flawless finish.



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