Qualities-A Woman Wants In Their Man

Every woman has a pre-defined list of QUALITIES that they desire in their partner. Some women desire about their partner height, skin tone, fair face complexion etc. But there are some fixed qualities which every woman dream about their men.



This is the top most quality what a woman desire. If I say honest that means you must be “honest about everything”. When you honest about everything then you will get a reputation and more respect from your partner. And these kinds of relationship gain trust a lot quicker.  If you found out one lie in a relationship then the trust will disappear and it will be hard to gain back. So, BE HONEST ALWAYS !!

To be able to protect

Every woman wants that their partner will be able to protect them physically in times of danger or trouble.  This doesn’t mean women are weak but it’s a security thing and knowing that their partner is capable or willing to protect them gives women a little more peace of mind.

Get up and go

Women don’t like men who have no motivation in their lives. They want a man who has passion about something and has goals in life.


Always try to believe in your wife/girlfriend and support and encourage her for everything that she is doing.

Sense of humor

 Every woman dream about a man who can make them laugh although I know everybody has a different sense of humor.


This is another top most quality that every woman desire. You have to be reliable if you want your partner to stay with you for the long term. If she has a planned a dinner for you and you promised you will be home by 9 and you come strolling in at 11, this is not being reliable. Yes we all know, work is important but more important is the woman who loves you enough to planned a dinner and make an effort on a Friday night.


This is a must quality for any long term relationship. If you are not committed with your woman then there will always be a doubt in her mind asking if you are really serious about the relationship or not.

Love & Respect

f you don’t love her and you don’t respect her then why would she be with you? you can throw your relationship out of the window right now. It’s not only respect for her but it’s a respect for yourself as well. Love and respect are always very much important in every relationship.


This is something you are born with like your skin tone, skin color etc can’t be changed but you can do some care about your look (you can do gym, jogging etc for your fitness). Everyone has an attractive feature about them, just try to enhance them. If you don’t really care about yourself then you will be dropped like a hot potato 😉

Ava Kumari

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