Skinn By Titan Fragrance Nude [Review]

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If you’re having a hard time finding the right fragrance for yourself, you are not alone. With so many options at hand, choosing the perfect fragrance is a daunting task for someone meticulous like me. Fragrance is a personal statement, that is probably the reason why most women find it challenging to choose among the countless brands on the market.

I found out that Titan has launched its own fragrance line, Skinn By Titan. I also learned that it is affordable, so I decided to get one and review it for all of you. I tried them on my wrist, and I fell in love with two fragrances—one is Celeste and the one is Nude. I must tell you I really had a hard time choosing between the two. Each bottle is unique and has a lovely scent. I decided to go for Nude because I liked that it perfectly combined floral scent and fruity fragrance.

Nude is a combination of the sweet smell of lychee and raspberry with a hint of citrusy bergamot and sensuous rose. The perfect blend of floral and fruity notes can excite and entice the senses of anyone who will smell it.

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The glass bottles come in a chic cream colored box which can also be an ideal gift option. The bottle does not look bulky, so any woman who would like to bring this with her can easily put it in her handbag. The cap does not come off easily, meaning you can just put it in your bag without worrying that your other personal stuff will be wet once the cover of the bottle loses. The bottle also looks elegant and sophisticated.

Another thing I like about this product is the simplicity and creativity of the box. Each variant has a print of well-known monuments from around the world—landmarks that are commonly included in every traveler’s list.

My Opinion

Nude is perfect for daily wear. Surprisingly, the combination of floral and fruity scents in this product does not make the smell strong. You can rarely see an affordable perfume that perfectly combines fruity and floral fragrances like this one. The hint of sun-dried and crushed rose petals also make this fragrance more irresistible.  I’ve received a lot of compliments when I tried Nude that’s why I really like this perfume.

It looks elegant and sophisticated. If I haven’t seen this product before, I wouldn’t think this is affordable. It doesn’t look cheap so you can bring it anywhere you go. You may even give this as a gift to your friends. The only thing that I don’t like about this product is its poor lasting power. The smell does not stay long, that means you have to spray again after a few hours. This is not a reliable option if you’re searching for a perfume that can make you smell good for an entire day.

Aside from that, I must say this is an awesome product. If you are looking for a powerful yet sophisticated fragrance, this is your best option. I recommend this product to everyone who loves a perfume that has a mild earthy fragrance with a splash of freshness. Give this a try; you won’t regret it!


You can also spray a little on your comb before you brush your hair for the floral fragrance to last even longer.

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