“The Strongest Bond”


Hello, everyone, I may sound orthodox, but trust me having a baby in a marriage can create the strongest bond between any couple.

My marriage was a happy one, but something was missing in my married life.
Like everyone, we too had different pasts, due to which we both felt possessive for each other and we used to have several issues regarding the same. We were trying to find love again in our marriage but somehow were not stick to it. Then we realized that something should be there which could hold our loyalties for each other and after a fortnight of our marriage, we decided to have a baby as soon as possible.

And there comes the “GOOD NEWS”, soon after one month of our marriage.

Days passed and my hubby was getting more and more concerned about me. I too was started feeling for him seriously. He once said, “U are not alone anymore and anywhere, I’m with you always”. I could feel the same while I was pregnant. He was attached to me. I was no longer apart from my hubby. The gracious bond was mending our relation in a manner as nothing else could do.
“Carrying your unity bond in your womb is the most wonderful feeling on the earth”
I was feeling pampered day by day. Those “food cravings & those mood swings”, everything was just getting us closer day by day. I just love those days.

 Here,I remember one incident, it was my eighth month and i got slipped outside my home then my husband came and he just hold me in the filmy style and asked me , “baby are you alright, let’s rush to the hospital…kahin lagi to nhi, kuch hua to nhi.” And I was just speechless. I was behaving like a protected and innocent child and he was like a protective father. The way he used to pamper me and fulfilled all my wishes took my breath away (BTW abhi bhi saari wishes poori hoti hain 😉 )

And finally the day came : 5th Dec

I had a cesarean, while everyone was busy with the Little Wonder, my hubby was sitting beside me and holding my hands that day he promised me that “He would be with me always, in every ups and downs” (and he’s upto his promise even after 3 years of that day and many more years are still waiting….). I can’t forgot that night in the hospital, where only three of us spent a lifetime moment together where we both were sharing our future plans and around midnight I felt asleep, and he continued until the next morning with our baby. From that day I saw a very positive change in him, in fact a very beautiful one.

We have a compact family and I don’t have my mother-in-law with me(She passed away). So we are only who have to take care of our child. We used to(even now also) searched google for every little issue we had regarding our baby. This makes us more reliable on each other for every little thing and I’m glad we are. Surely, It was an excellent decision of ours to have a child. It really helped us to grow together and for better.
We feel blessed to have our baby in our life…

Hope you will also feel the same…!!

Aarti Yadav

Aarti Yadav is a contributor at GirlyVirly. She contributes some good article here. She aspires to provide an invaluable guide to live life in a better way.

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