Tips To Remove Colors After Playing Holi

Holi without colors, water balloons and pichkari have no fun. When we talk about colors you may buy natural colors but other people may not be so conscious about the quality of colors they use. And we all know synthetic holi colors can cause itchy patches, rashes, and dryness etc. We all take some precautions before Holi, but we do not realize that getting rid of colors needs to be done safely to save our skin. Below are some tips to remove colors from your skin.


Wash your skin with cold water and try to gently remove the colors. If still colors remains on your skin then, rub a sliced lemon over your skin to remove the stains. Because lemon is a natural bleaching agent that is very useful in getting rid of color stains. And then leave it for 15 minutes and then wash it-off. After washing your face apply plenty of moisturizer on your skin. If you don’t want to apply lemon on your skin then you can also use cleanser on your skin. Try to use lukewarm water to take a bath with mild moisturized soap or any body wash. Don’t try to force clean the stains by vigorous rubbing as that can cause skin irritation and dryness.


If you want to remove oil paint from your skin then mustard or coconut oil are est thing to do this. Use a cotton all to apply the oil on your skin and gently rub it and then rinse it off gently with both hands.


If you want to remove gulal or dry holi color from your skin then never make the mistake of pouring water into it to wash it off. This only gonna spreads the gulal or dry color all over your body and makes it stick to your body. Best way to remove gulal or dry color is try to dust away the gulal by using dry hands or with the help of any soft brush, and then use water when this does not work.


For washing off the color from your hair try to use a mild herbal shampoo or home-made one. You can easily made a herbal shampoo in your home y doing this: Soak reetha, shikakai, and amla(Indian gooseberry) overnight and boil and strain it in the morning. Now, your herbal shampoo is ready. And yes always try to apply oil on your hair before playing holi.


Still, if you are having trouble in removing color from your hair then take 1 tablespoon of lemon juice and mix it with a cup of curd. And apply this mixture on your scalp and rinse it off by using a herbal shampoo or home-made shampoo mentioned above to wash the mixture off.


You can also use DIY face packs to remove stubborn Holi colors from your skin according to your skin type.

Face pack for dry skin:
1 Tablespoon almond powder
1 Tablespoon honey
2-3 Drops of lemon juice
Little milk
Make a paste of all the above ingredients and apply it on your face for 20 minutes. Wet your hand with little water and try to rub off the pack from the face gently. This will make your face soft and clean.
Face pack for oily skin:
1 Tablespoon Masoor Dal
Dried Orange peel
1 Tablespoon rose water
2 – 3 Drops of lemon juice
Make a paste of all the above ingredients and apply it on your face for 20 minutes. When the pack gets dried then apply some water on your hands and then try to rub off the pack gently.


Not wash your face again & again. This will make your face so dry. And also, do not rub your skin with any hard and rough thing. This will make your skin itchy and dry.


Still, if you don’t get the proper idea about this then you can see some videos listed below from where I am sure you can find out your best way to take off holi colors safely.


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