Types Of MakeUp Primer Available In Market

Primer is basically a product you apply to your face before applying foundation or powders, which smoothens, brightens and mattifies your skin and prepares it for foundation. Using a primer helps the foundation to apply more easily and smoothly, helps it to last longer and may also perform other functions like oil control, skin tightening, brightening etc. depending on which type of primer you have used.

Primers fill out the imperfections in texture of the skin like lines, pores etc. and give a smooth surface on which foundation can be applied with better results as compared to being applied on bare skin.

Choosing the best facial primer for your skin type can be a little confusing so it’s best to understand your skin type prior to choosing the proper primer for it.


For Normal Skin

If your skin is normal, which means that your pores are not too large or too small, and that your skin doesn’t get too oily or dry throughout the day, you have a few primer-options. You likely don’t want a primer that has a mattifying effect, but rather you just want a primer that’ll do an awesome job prolonging your makeup, and will have some additional benefits like SPF. Since a dewy finish is really trendy right now (no surprise! It’s gorgeous!), you might really like an illuminating primer. Normal skin types often don’t have any problems like redness or blemishes, so a simple pore-blurring primer can even fully substitute foundation for you.

Try these:

Smashbox Photo Finish Luminizing Foundation Primer: This really helps conceal pores and gives you a clean, smooth base to help you achieve that flawless look.

Revlon Photo Ready Perfecting Primer: This Revlon Primer gives you a smoothing, softening finish and also adding luminosity to your skin.


For Oily Skin

If your skin is oily, it’s pretty obvious that you’ll need a mattifying primer. A mattifying primer will prevent your skin from becoming shiny and greasy throughout the day. Since people with oily skin normally have larger pores, a primer for oily skin types will also have a pore-minimizing effect. Lastly, since oily skin-types are more acne prone, there are some makeup primers out there with anti-acne ingredients that will help keep your breakouts at bay.

Try these:

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer – Oil-Free: This is a lightweight, water-based gel controls oil, minimises the pores, fine lines and imperfections and helps your to makeup stay fresh.

Estée Lauder Matte Perfecting Primer: If you want a matte look then this primer will be your best friend. As this primer has matte effects so it controls the oil for long term.


For Dry Skin

Dry skin is a little complicated to prime. You want a primer that will moisturize your skin and give you a dewy finish. However, often the word “dewy” is just a substitute for shiny. Unfortunately, shimmer can emphasize flakiness. Dry skin types have the hardest time finding a great makeup primer, so it’s really important to ask for a sample before purchasing a product. Your goal is to find something that is hydrating and creamy, but with a very light texture.

Try these:

The Body Shop Skin Primer Moisture It: This is a organic primer which contain vitamin C, aloe vera, beeswax etc natural which helps you to create a smooth and invisible layer to prepare your skin for makeup.

Bourjois Happy Light Luminous Serum Primer: This primer quickly absorb into your skin because it has serum like texture and makes your skin smooth on in few seconds


For Combination Skin

Ahh, combination skin types! The worst of both worlds – I would know, this is my skin type. With combination skin types there are two options: either choose a neutral primer that won’t overly mattify, but won’t make you look shiny either. It’ll just make your foundation go on smoother and last longer. Alternatively, you can choose a mattifying primer for the parts of your face where your skin gets oily, and use a different kind in the dryer areas of your face.

Try these:

Lancome La Base Pro Primer: This is really amazing for people with large and oily pores, as it has the most divine silky finish.

Make Up For Ever Step 1 Mattifying Primer: You can use this Mattifying primer on your T-Zone where you have extreme oily skin and in dry areas you can use a Mix Make Up For Ever's Hydrating primer which gives you a moisturizing finish.


For Mature Skin

Primers are excellent for mature skin types, because they can fill in and blur wrinkles. Look for a light-weight, moisturizing primer without shimmer. A lot of make-up primers are made with sunscreen, which is the strongest anti-aging product out there, as well as with anti-oxidants, so they can actually have a positive impact on the health of your skin. You can also use a firming make-up primer that will tighten your skin up a bit and create a face-lift effect.

Try these:

Max Factor Facefinity All Day Primer: It controls excess oils and mattify the skin for a smooth makeup canvas. Its formula contains SPF 20. And everyone knows that sunscreen is crucial to prevent fine lines and wrinkles in the future.

Olay Anti-Wrinkle Moisturizer and Anti-Aging Primer: This formula, specifically created to increase hydration levels in the skin which claims to reduce visible signs of aging.  It also consist many anti-aging ingredients such as Pro-Vitamin B5 and Niacinamide.


For Sensitive Skin

Make-up primers are excellent for sensitive skin, because they give an extra layer of protection from the environment. Make sure your primer is low on fragrance, so it doesn’t cause any irritation. If your sensitivity manifests itself as redness, you might prefer a green-based primer to neutralize the red tones in your skin. This way, you’ll find yourself needing to use less foundation. You can also look for soothing ingredients in your primer, like green tea extract or niacinamide.

Try these:

NYX Cosmetics Skin Elixir Balance Tea Tree Primer: I personally love this primer because it immediately zaps my flare-ups. And Tea tree oil is a powerful bacteria fighter so it will be good choice for sensitive skin.

Cover FX Mattifying Primer with Anti-Acne Treatment: This primer contains Salicylic Acid which prevents and heals blemishes, while tree bark reduces the size of pores.



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