What To Wear In This Winter Wedding Season

Wish you all have a great holiday !! As wedding season are running and we all have become Bridezillas. As a wedding guest finding the perfect look can be daunting when your calendar is booked with multiple upcoming ceremonies. And yes as the winter season is running so we have to give some special attentions towards our attires like they must be a full-length attire or a full sleeve attire. So, I am suggesting you some of the very simple key rules for your winter wedding guest shopping.

Avoid white- Try to avoid white colors(mostly if you are attending any Christian wedding) because after all, it’s the bride’s day and she’ll also be wearing a white gown and you never want to distract her from this big moment.
When in doubt- A too formal dress will always be more forgivable than a pair of jeans.
Stay away from distracting colors- Neons colors and oversized prints are a big no for any wedding ceremony.
Mindful fits- As you are going to attend a wedding ceremony, not a ladies night so show off your curves in a respectful manner and save the body-con dresses for ladies night 😉



This is one of my personal favorite attire for this wedding season where you can wear a plain saree with a designer blouse. Just remember one thing always try to choose one dark and one light color. Don’t try to choose one single color for your complete attire. And yes you can do a lot of experiment with this look, you can choose a simple thin border saree or you can choose a crepe saree which gives you a shiny look and lots more experiment. One more important thing always tries to wear some accessories with this look it really gonna look amazing.


Just think about red carpet !! This is your chance to wear a long flared evening gown with your fanciest jewelry !! This is the gown which has basically two colors in it where bottom flared skirt is of light color and upper top is of dark color. And yes if you are not getting your favorite flared gown in the market then you can also customize it from any boutique because there are lots of fabrics available in the market which can create lots of flare in your gown. And yes if you want a decent elegant look then you can wear this gown without any heavy accessories.


A long or cocktail length dress in a classic dark shade like blue, black or maroon which always looks beautiful and stuff of these gowns are quite thick so that it’ll keep you warm in this winter season. Keep the gown fit as sleek, clean and avoid anything like too bulky or distracting. Remember, it’s the bride’s day, her job is to stand out and your job to bust a move on the dance floor 😉


Keep it light, whimsical and romantic. It’s a great opportunity to play with light romantic shades and with some simple elegant accessories. These gowns are generally made up of light fabrics like “chiffon”, “georgette” etc. These gowns are slightly longer in length as compare to normal gowns so that they can touch the floor and create a princes look for you :*


This is an another classic western look which is in so much trend these days, a high waist skirt with a short crop top. Somehow it looks like lehenga but basically, it is a high flared skirt. This outfit will look beautiful on any type of body shapes but yes if you are having short height then don’t forget to wear a high heel with this attire.


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