Best Romantic Places In Delhi NCR For Couples

As this is the season of romance, you had definitely spent a romantic weekend with your partner. Might be some of you went for a romantic date 😉 and some of you were not went to any place just because “you were not having any romantic places options “.  Then I request you to read this post because I am having something very interesting for you 🙂

I am very much excited about writing this post because this is one of my favorite post “Best Romantic Places To Visit”. I am not a full adventurer or traveler type of girl but I love to explore nearby places. As I am Delhi/NCR girl and there are so many places to visit like the historical ones, garden, shopping malls etc but frankly speaking I am less interested in these types of places. What I love, is something where you get a lovely ambiance or where you can spend a lot of romantic time with your partner.

Most of the time it happened to me that I wanted to go to a romantic place but whenever I asked this question from my friends that please suggest some beautiful places where I can hang out with my friends (actually indirectly I was asking for a place where I can go with my guy, not friends. Ssshh !! this is a secret, nobody knows this 😉 ). And every time when I went to there suggested places, those were only the simple nice decent places, not the the best ones where I actually wanna go for a date.

List of Best Romantic Places in Delhi and NCR

I am suggesting you some of the best romantic places where I am sure, you and your partner will enjoy to highest. All the best for your next romantic date 😉

1. Lodhi – The Garden Restaurant

Best romantic place for couple Lodhi Garden Restaurant

Rating: 4.2
Cost For Two: Rs 2,600 (approx.)
Location: Lodhi Road (Delhi)

Lodhi-The Garden is one of the most romantic destinations for couples, and according to me, this place got 1st ranking in best romantic places.

If you are looking to impress your special one then this place will do this job !! They have a separate sitting arrangements for couples !! Undeniably beautiful ambiance where they have put their heart in creating a beautiful ambiance like light filled lanterns hanging from trees, canopies sitting for couples, separate smoking area etc. They have both open & closed seating arrangement. If your partner loves greenery and lovely ambiance then I personally suggest you visit this place.

2. Aqua – The Park

Best romantic place for couple Aqua Park

Rating: 3.8
Cost For Two: Rs 4,500 (approx.)
Location: Connaught Place (Delhi)

The most appropriate place to take someone on a nice date.
One of the best poolside seating arrangement offered in Delhi is at Aqua the park. Beautiful ambiance with the pool in the middle and the gorgeous gazebos around it. It’s just the perfect place to sit & relax and enjoy the peaceful ambiance.

3. Sky Lounge Bar and Grill


Rating: 3.5
Cost For Two: Rs 2,500 (approx.)
Location: Hotel Royal Plaza, Janpath (Delhi)

If your partner loves the open atmosphere then he/she gonna love this place as this place is famous for chilly atmosphere on the 19th floor (rooftop) where this lounge is situated. The fluorescent blue lighting complements the ambiance. Comfortable seating and a commodious space, SKY LOUNGE is a perfect place to take your evening or night to the highest level.

4. FIO Country Kitchen & Bar 


Rating: 4.3
Cost For Two: Rs 3,300 (approx.)
Location:  Saket (Delhi)

An amazing option for a romantic date (FIO provides candle night dinner also ). Beautiful ambiance with lovely lights which makes the environment so romantic. It has both the options for indoor and outdoor sitting but its pebbled path and outdoor sitting is a nice option to try out.

5. Freeze Lounge


Rating: 3.4
Cost For Two: Rs 1,800 (approx.)
Location:  Rajouri Garden (Delhi) and Saket (Delhi)

The ambiance and concept of the ice bar are so good when Delhi needs a relief in hot temperature. Everything is made of ice and temperature inside the lounge is -10 °C. From the sitting arrangement, the walls, interiors, tables, glasses in which they serve alcohol. They provide you huge overcoats to enter the ice bar. If you don’t wish to avail the ice bar, there’s a normal lounge on the outside too (it just like any other lounge).

6. GIP Ebony Private Lounge Couples Seat

ebonyRating: 3.9
Cost For Couple: Rs 1,800 (approx.)
Location:  GIP Mall (Noida)

GIP Ebony lounge is the best private theater for watching a movie with your partner as you can spend some quality or private time and nobody is going to disturb you. Ebony gives you a double-size seat means almost a bed. They give you a button at the corner of the bed so that you can convert it into a sofa. They also give you 2 bed-sheets with 2 cushions and all the seats are covered with long wood (curtains) means no other person can watch you and distance between two seats are almost 1-2 Meters.

7. Impromptu


Rating: 4.0
Cost For Two: Rs 2,000 (approx.)
Location:  Golf Course Road (Gurgaon)

There are two parts of this outlet: First is the beautiful outdoors and the second is majestic indoors. The glass work and its ample sunshine(during the day) inside the impromptu are highly impressive. The entire place just lightens up during night time and it becomes a paradise.

8. The Blue Frog


Rating: 4.0
Cost For Two: Rs 1,800 (approx.)
Location:  Mehrauli (Delhi)

UFO themed seating and decor – very posh and very blue. The main stage area is the front for the people and they have nice big table sets. There is also a courtyard which is very nice outdoor space and it is very white and spacious and it has another bar seating arrangement in the open where you can get your drinks and have a wonderful conversations with your someone special.

9. Olive Bar & Kitchen


Rating: 4.5
Cost For Two: Rs 4,000 (approx.)
Location:  Mehrauli (Delhi)

Perfect Romantic Place. They have beautifully used different shades of colors what we call magical. This place has cozy indoors and pretty remarkable outdoor seating. The best part is that this place is very calm and serene which helps you to enjoy your company and food is also good.

10. Jungle Jamboree


Rating: 3.8
Cost For Two: Rs 1,500 (approx.)
Location:  Gold souk mall (Gurgaon), Connaught Place (Delhi), Rajouri Garden (Delhi)

This is a small lovely compact place if your partner like Childish things. This place has totally two different themes one is with forest and another one is with aquatic enteric interiors which gonna make you feel that you are in a different world altogether. The lighting and interiors of this place are really amazing and the food is also good.


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