How to Find Best Hair Color for Your Skin Tone

Having a hard time choosing which hair color works best for your skin tone? You are not alone. Most women always find it difficult to choose which hair color looks flattering on them. Choosing the best hair color is probably one of the most challenging things that women have to go through from time to time. Although it may seem easy knowing that salons offer a wide variety of hair colors, deciding which one to put on their hair is tough especially because that will affect their entire look for the next several months.

Just like choosing the right clothing colors, deciding which proper hair color to choose is important because it can also drastically change the way you look. But with basic knowledge about cool and warm tones, you’ll eventually realize that choosing a good hair color is not as difficult as you think. Keep on reading so we can teach you how to distinguish which shade looks best on your skin tone.

1. Warm Skin Tones

If you have a lighter skin and warm skin tone, then you have to choose a cool tone hair color to complement your skin.

a. Want Light Colors for Your Hair?

A hip, silvery-blonde color even look good with pale blonde shade. If you want to look more dazzling, you can also try a champagne or platinum hue.

b. Want Dark Colors for Your Hair?

Having a warm skin tone means having the privilege to enjoy a brunette or red in a cooler shade. You can try shades such as rich black-brown, fawn-colored brunette or dark red.

24If you are one of those women with dark skin and warm skin tone, then you have to choose a hair color that is either lighter or darker than your skin.

c. Want Dark Colors for Your Hair?

If you want a dark hair color, make sure to choose a shade that is darker than your skin. You may also go for some highlights for added depth, dimension, and richness. Looking for a celebrity peg? Check out Kerry Washington’s hair below.


2. Cool Skin Tones

If you have a lighter skin and cool skin tone, then you have to choose a warm tone hair color to complement it. Go for a hair color that looks rich and warm to avoid making you look washed out.

a. Want Light Colors for Your Hair?

Choose a color that contains the words “warm,” “honey” or “chocolate.” Regardless if your skin is very pale or very dark, you can’t go wrong with a hair color that balances it out.

Celebrities like Candice Swanepoel and Sofia Vergara are great examples of how to pull off this type of warm blonde on two very different skin colors.



Oftentimes, despite a countless number of hair colors available, some women end up with shades that they have gotten used to. Imagine how many options you have if you just know what colors are ideal for your skin tone. Understanding the nuances of tone can make a lot of difference not only in deciding which hair color to choose but also in matching the right shades of outfit to make you stand out in the crowd.

Tutorials Related to This Topic

Watch the video below if you want to make sure your favorite hair color is perfect for your skin tone.



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