Some Simple Steps To Protect Your Skin

Skin care is not complicated or time-consuming, it can quickly become your second nature like brushing your teeth. Below are some ways how you can protect your skin so that your skin can look great.


Limit To Sun Exposure

You have heard many times that Ultraviolet rays emitted by the sun can cause many types of skin damage like skin cancer, wrinkles, age spots, discolorations, uneven tone and lot more types of skin damage. Using skin care products that offer ultraviolet protection is one of the best ways to keep your skin looking fresh & youthful.

  • Try to use sunscreen every morning and re-apply regularly whenever you are going outside.
  • Try to cover your skin by wearing long-sleeved shirts, stoles, pants, and wide hats.


Stay Hydrated

Keeping your skin moisturized and hydrated is very essential for skin protection. Skin that is properly hydrated retains pliability and prevents dry skin, lack of glow, flaky skin etc.

  • Try to drink lots of water, this is the basic key to hydrating your skin.
  • Use the right moisturizing cream according to your skin type and apply it just right after your bath. Avoid products that contain ingredients like sodium lauryl sulfate as this ingredient removes the natural oils that is needed by your skin.
  • Take warm (not too hot) showers and limit them to between 5-10 minutes. More exposure to warm water actually dries out your skin.


Health Precautions

Skin protection means paying close attention to lower your chances of exposure to germs because everyone knows that germs and bacteria can contribute to acne and other skin problems.

  • Don’t share your personal items such as lip balms or toothbrushes with others.
  • Don’t share your drinks with others.
  • Avoid touching your face with your fingers if your fingers are dirty.


Gentle Skin Care

Washing your face is very much important to remove dirt, oils, germs, and dead cells. Sometimes scrubbing your face can cause irritation that can lead to chapped skin but it can leave your skin vulnerable.

  • Wash your face twice daily with luke-warm water with the help of a cleanser.
  • Gently massage your face with washcloth using it in a circular motion and then rinse it off.
  • Try to use toner after cleansing your face, it tighten your skin and pores.
  • Always try to pat your skin dry — don’t rub it— and lastly apply your facial moisturizer.

Know Your Skin

Pay attention to odd freckles, moles and  other skin conditions and consult your doctor if you notice any changes in them. For example: A change in a mole can indicate a potential skin cancer. And be sure to treat any cuts at same time because it cause infection. Other skin conditions like acne, irritated dry skin, and skin rashes and irritations that don’t go away then meet your doctor as these could be signs of many types of dermatitis or skin inflammation. Have a good diet to nourish your skin. But should you ever notice any problems, get medical attention to resolve them quickly and avoid putting your skin at risk.


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