Foolzy® 20 pcs White Nail Art Brush Pen Review

Foolzy® 20 pcs White Nail Art Brush Pen Review

Hi girls, hope you all are doing well. As you can see “nail arts” are in so much trend these days on social networking sites. Even from the last month, I was also planning to purchase a nail art kit so that I can create my favorite nail art look. The day before yesterday I had ordered a nail art kit from Amazon which is Foolzy® 20 pcs White Nail Art Brush Pen“. And I am so much happy with Amazon delivery because I received that product next day morning.


The first thing what I liked about“Foolzy® 20 pcs White Nail Art Brush Pen is the cost. This product is affordable for everyone, it costs me around Rs 399 in India for 20 pcs set. The second important thing what I liked about this product, it comes with 2 completely different sets. One set is for nail art brushes which include 15 nail art brushes like “stippling brush”, “flat brush”, “fan brush” and lots many more brushes. And the other set is for dotting tools which include 5 types of dotting tools and all are of different sizes.

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I am not saying that these brushes are like the professional nail art brushes which cost approx Rs2000 or more. These are not super fine brushes like the professional ones. But these are really Good if you are a nail art beginner or you don’t want to spend a lot of money on nail art kits. Now, if I talk about the dotting tool then initially it looks like that many of them are having the same size, but believe me, they all are different. And If I talk about brushes then yes few main detailing brushes are repeated in the set. But I think you can this as a good thing because you are getting 2 main brushes in the set 😉


They come in a plastic cover and it is travel-friendly also. All brushes are having a plastic cover on the top of them. I like to store these brushes in my makeup bag.


Some of the bristles are of brownish color and some are of a white color which contrasts with their white color handles. Bristles are average not so much Good like the professional brushes. They pick up the right amount of the nail paint and are easy to use. These brushes handle are white in color and have long round thick handles which are easy to hold and use.

Rating For Brushes: 3/5

Rating For Dotting Tools: 4.5/5( Wish I could have two more dotting tools in the kit. One like needle size and one like extra large size )

This is now my new favorite set of nail art tool and I highly recommend this product to everyone which is a nail art beginner. These reviews are entirely based on my experience with the products and were in no way influenced by anyone.

Few of my nail arts looks which I have made with the help of this set.

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