How to Use Makeup Setting Spray: Know Its Many Uses

Putting on makeup requires skills, the right products and brushes, and time. This is why it is frustrating to see the all hard work go to waste after a few hours when colors fade. Luckily, there are makeup setting sprays that can help keep the makeup in place for long hours. Those who are new to this product often ask, "How to use makeup setting spray?" Well, here is a guide on how to use as well as tips to ensure that your makeup remains intact for long hours.

What to consider when buying a makeup setting spray

Knowing how to best use a makeup setting spray is not enough. Like with makeup and brushes, one has to buy the right product that can work with one’s needs and skin types. It is not beneficial to get a makeup setting product off the rack without considering its formulation and other characteristics.

  • Skin Type

There are several considerations when buying a setting spray. A buyer first has to know his or her skin type as products are specially designed for specific skin types such as oily, normal or dry. One has to check the formulation of the product if it is suitable for the skin type of the user. A person with dry skin and buys a makeup spray formulated for oily skin might end up disappointed since the spray is unlikely to work its magic.

  • Weather

Before purchasing the product, one has also to consider the climate or weather. Makeup setting sprays are formulated differently as some are designed for the humid or warm weather while others are suited for the cold climate. Choose a product that is blended for the weather of your location. Failure to do so will result in an ineffective product or worse, skin problems.

  • Ingredients

Ingredients of the product also matter. This is particularly true for those who have sensitive skin. Some formulation contains harmful ingredients such as paraben, alcohol, and artificial scents, to name a few. On the other hand, some products have ingredients such as tea and fruit extracts, collagen and natural fragrances to help in the skin’s revitalization.

  • Fast or Slow Drying

If you are someone who wants to finish doing the makeup fast, then it is beneficial to buy a product that is quick-drying. Some products take a few minutes to dry while others only take 10-20 seconds. Think of your lifestyle when buying a makeup setting spray.

  • Finish

The finish is also a matter of personal choice. Makeup setting sprays vary in their finishes as some are matte, which is also shine-free. Others come in glowing and dewy look.

how to use makeup setting spray

Many people assume that using this product is just a matter of spraying it on the face. However, there are different ways of using this product to maximize its benefits.

  • Foundation Application

What many people do not know is that makeup setting products can also be used in sponges when setting the foundation.

Most people use clean water to dampen the sponge for foundation application. To ensure that the foundation stays in place for a long time, those doing their makeup should use the setting formulation instead of the water. However, take note that this technique may not work well with all kinds of sponges as some can deteriorate from the use of the setting spray.

Aside from keeping the foundation from fading easily, using a setting spray to dampen the sponge can also aid in the smooth blending of the foundation to the skin.

  • Eye Makeup Application

Those who want to know how to use makeup setting spray ask if they can use it over their eyelids so that the eyeshadow makeup won't come off quickly. But rather than spraying over your eyelids, try spraying on the eyeshadow brush. This technique works like the application of the spray on the foundation sponge.

Start by spraying the mist on the eyeshadow brush to dampen it. Then dip the brush in the eyeshadow and apply. This technique helps in turning the shadow into bolder and more opaque eye makeup. Without the makeup setting spray, most eyeshadows have less vibrant colors and will fade off quickly.

Meanwhile, those who are experimenting with a new look or is into blending eyeshadow colors with various shades should not use the makeup setting product during their eye makeup application. Instead, those who are mixing and experimenting should finish the eye makeup first and spray over their closed eyes.

  • For Brighter Looking Eyes

One of the benefits of applying makeup is to make the eyes look bright. Using a makeup setting spray can also help achieve more radiant looking eyes by helping cover the dark circles.

One must use his or her finger to dab a small amount of the concealer underneath the eyes. Then take out the concealer brush and spray it with the makeup setting product. Now blend the concealer to the skin using the concealer brush that is already damp with the setting formulation. This technique helps in the easier application of the concealer as well as in keeping the area under the eyes moisturized.

Using a makeup setting formulation to dampen the concealer brush also helps in keeping the face skin color even if this technique is used in other areas of the face that needs concealing. For example, one can also use the setting spray with the concealer brush to hide a pimple on the cheek.

  • Seal the Look the Easy Way

One can opt to use the above techniques to maximize the benefits of the makeup setting spray. However, for those who are in a hurry to do their makeup and do not want to spray them on their brushes or sponge, then the traditional way of using this product will work, too. Just spray on the face after completing the makeup.

Make sure that you follow the product maker’s instructions on how to spray on the face, particularly the correct distance. Some manufacturers recommend spraying their products, 10-12 inches away from the face while others require shorter distance.

The makeup setting spray can also be used all throughout the day to ensure that makeup still looks fresh and to revitalize and moisturize the skin without removing all the makeup.

final thoughts

Every person has the right to want and look his or her best. Thankfully, products such as makeup setting sprays are readily available on the market. However, always keep in mind that what works for others may not work the same way for you. So, it is best to know your own skin and choose products that work best for you.


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