Influence of Fashion on Everyday Life

It is an undeniable fact that fashion has become an important part of our lives. Even people who say that they don’t care about fashion trends often find themselves inadvertently making all of their choices under the influence of certain trends. One important thing to understand here is that fashion is not just about clothing. Fashion is everywhere and in everything that you do. From the names we give to our babies to the food we eat, all are under the influence of things that are considered fashionable. For many people, the name they give to their babies is more influenced by what celebrities are currently popular or what movie characters is their favorite. People would be more likely to name their daughter Stormi or True, if they want a name for their baby that keeps up with current trends.

If you are not convinced, here are four ways in which our everyday life has been influenced by fashion.

1. Clothing Being An Important Part of Our Expenses

For those of us who like to follow the trend, clothing has become an important part of our lives. A major chunk of our earnings go into making sure that we have the best possible variety of clothing available for us. Even the tiniest of towns or the most obscure of places have a plethora of clothing stores, since the demand for fashionable clothing is so high. The fact that we live in an era where personal shoppers are a thing is all you need to know about the power of fashion. Clothing is not just about functionality now as more and more people are looking towards fashion as a mean to express their personality or to fill a void in their lives. All of this has led to a boom in the fashion industry and a widespread demand for fashionable clothing for people of all ages. The great thing is that online boutiques like Sophie and Trey are helping out with this issue by providing gorgeous clothing at affordable prices.

2. Impact on the Way we Plan Important Events​

If a certain magazine or an A-list celebrity declares that black is the new white for wedding dresses, you can bet that everyone is going to be clamoring for black wedding dresses. This does not just apply to clothing, as the declaration of beaches being the most romantic wedding spots, will drive up the demand for beaches as a wedding venue. You can find the greatest example for this in the popularity of Lake Como which was George Clooney’s wedding destination choice and now one of the most sought after wedding destinations for people all over the world. Ever since celebrities made off destination weddings fashionable, everyone has been going out of their way to jump in on this trend. If tomorrow Miley Cyrus gets married in her childhood home, everyone is going to jump in on this bandwagon too!

3. Putting in more Time in our Appearance

We live in an era where there is a specific outfit for almost every event. You wouldn’t want to wear an office suit to a bachelorette party, because a nice dress would look perfect for the occasion. My point is, interest in the fashion empire has reached monumental scales as people are now putting more thought than ever into the way they dress and style themselves. You are not going to catch people wearing fashion trends that have been declared as fashion faux pas’ or clothing that belongs to another fashion era because everyone likes to keep up with the latest trends. Even the way we work on our bodies is influenced by fashion. Diets make a big splash if all fashion magazines are raving about the size zero figure and exercises become the point of focus if everyone wants an hourglass figure.  If I am dressing up for an important event I always like to make sure that nothing in my outfit can be a cause of ridicule for me. Even if people are not buying the latest fashion trends due to financial constraints, they are still re-purposing old clothes or putting together different styles to make sure that their clothing is on point.

4. Affects the Way we Consume Content

There used to be a time when the only fashion related thing you could find on TV was the reruns on yearly pageant shows. Now the influence of fashion is so widespread, that there are pageants for everyone from babies to geriatrics. Shows like America’s Next Top Model or Runway are climbing up the popularity charts as everyone wants to learn from these shows. While some people may watch makeover shows and the above mentioned shows to see other people being degraded or made fun of, for most of the others ,these shows are a great way to shape up their own personal style by relating to people similar to them and learning from their mistakes. That is why there are shows that cater mostly to specific audiences like Latinas or transsexuals, so people can see other people similar to them and learn from them.

No matter how hard people may try to deny it, fashion has seeped into every little part of their lives. What people need to understand is that fashion is not just about following blindly what the fashion gurus preach but to take that preaching and create something that is unique and fits you perfectly.


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