Zara Reversible Handbag Haul & Review

Zara Reversible Handbag Haul & Review

Hi girls, I have recently been looking for an everyday/office handbag where I can put my whole stuff like laptop, a small water bottle, lunchbox and off course my small makeup pouch 😉 I was looking for the exact bag but nothing was screaming at me, I tried everywhere. So I thought I had to pop to Zara official website so that I don’t have to go anywhere else :p). And after looking so many handbags, I came across with ‘Zara Reversible Handbag’.

Zara Reversible Handbags

I love this handbag so much. It comes in varieties of color Salmon Pink, Silver, Black, Red etc. What I love about this bag is its classic style. It’s an everyday handbag at an amazing price of Rs.1,990/-. The best part is you can reverse your bag according to your mood/outfit/season. This bag comes with a removable inner bag with a zipper closure that can store all of your daily necessities. The quality of this bag is very impressive, being sturdy in structure yet soft to touch. However, the handles are quite slim which makes you little skeptical if you are going to overload bag.

Zara Reversible Handbag

You can buy this bag here! [LINK] 

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