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14 Surprsing Beauty Uses For Vaseline

14 Surprsing Beauty Uses For Vaseline

Vaseline is one of my best product which I always prefer to keep in my beauty bag. It rescue my skin and helped me out of a beauty emergency. It’s so cheap but there really a gazillion things you can do with it.

My favorite beauty uses for Vaseline

1. Lip balm: When my lips get all dry and chapped, I slather a thin layer of Vaseline on my lips. And my lips are all soft and moisturized again.

2. Hand & Feet moisturizer: Winter weather causes dryness on my skin. I apply some Vaseline on my hands & feet, put on either gloves or socks, and wait about 15-20 minutes, to give Vaseline time to soak into the skin. When I take my gloves or socks off, my hands & feet are so soft !!

3. Eye makeup remover: When I run out of makeup remover then I turn to Vaseline. It quickly remove all my eye makeup 🙂

4. Scrub:

If you like to use a good scrub then you can make your own scrub by mixing petroleum jelly with sea salt.

5. Protects manicure: Before painting my nails with nail paints, I always try to to apply some Vaseline at their base. It prevents the nail paint color from running.

6. Highlighter: If you are running out of your highlighter. You could use the tiniest bit of your Vaseline on your cheeks and under eye area for that dewy look.

7. Softens elbows: If you want a soft apply then try to apply some Vaseline over it.

8. Maintains fragrance longer:

 Some perfumes smell gorgeous but they last so little !! To make it longer, apply a thin layer of Vaseline on your wrist or wherever else you’re going to apply perfume like on your neck, calves etc before spraying the fragrance on.

9. Lip exfoliant: I like to exfoliate my lips before using any bold lipstick. First, I apply petroleum jelly to my lips then I wait for few minutes and then use an old toothbrush to scrub my lips.

10. Cream blusher: If I don’t have the right blush shade in my makeup bag or I am running out of my favorite blusher. Then I just mix some Vaseline with a bit of lipstick(pink or orange) and apply the paste on my cheeks.

11. Moisturizes and tames eyebrows: If I need to tame some unruly eyebrows then I will use Vaseline. It’s quick and easy !!

12. Stains remover:

Sometimes a bit of makeup ends up on my clothes. Whenever it happens I always turn to Vaseline 😉

13. Seals in split ends: Just put some Vaseline on your spit ends. It will seal them and make them look like they aren’t there. But try to don’t do this too often. Because it takes a couple of shampoos to remove Vaseline from your hair !!

14. Thicker lashes: Before applying mascara on your eyelashes try to put some Vaseline over it because it will give you a false eyelash look <3

If you know other beauty uses for Vaseline ? Let me know in the comments !!

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