Don’t Underestimate Your Wardrobe !!

Hi 👋 all, I always wanted to share my fashion experiences, so, here, I got a chance. In this article, I would like you to familiar with this concept of mine to all my readers “Don’t underestimate your wardrobe“,….I know this sounds  weird 🙄 but trust me …it happens with everyone 🤗.


Above posted beautiful 😍 picture, obviously, its pretty me the ‘Parvinder Kaur‘. Major reason to make me look attractive in this pic…guess?🤔…Yes!!! are right…very’s my whole attire which I carried.

Now I tell you …How I assembled it…yes you read right …you people must be thinking?? any dress can be assembled…And the story behind in this….once upon a time…haha..there was a Diwali celebration 🎉 at my office and definitely I wanted to look good 😊 and different like any other girl💃..but I was running short of money🙇‍ which usually happens with me…and it happens with everyone🤐 …As usual, I always have an idea 💡..(an idea can change your life)😂..but this idea 💡 invent and added a new dress 👗 in my wardrobe..Again..How???..ok ..ok ..telling you😜😉…don’t be impatient…I checked out in the market…so I found a pretty anarkali kurti …only Kurti….because I couldn’t afford whole dress….when I was purchasing a kurti …one thing was in mind that I should buy only that colour of kurti which could match my available bottom wear in my wardrobe..luckily, I got my colors and my style of “anarkali kurti” which was suiting me a lot and also I was having exact match of bottom wear that is straight pants ….(this is very in nowadays). And on top of it …I also had a matching sandals with me in my footwear collection 👠 …After then. I tried the whole attire…it was looking amazing 😉…Now …One more time…there is “BUT”…it’s very much  understood ..😒…my attire was imperfect without duppata …😰…Stay positive!!!yaar…”when there is a will then there is a way“…you know how Mommy’s are ….they always have a collection of dupatta..once more I made it…you can say whether I am lucky or its a coincidence …I got an appropriate colors of 3D dupatta which was actually complementing my attire..(which is also very in nowadays)..Infact…I should say dupatta was waiting for this kurti 🤗…made for each other!!!😉 now what I mean.



This is how I assembled my whole attire….and that day I realised you shouldn’t underestimate your current wardrobe…If you have talent you can surely make something new from your old things…I also believe in that every girl own this by birth …But In my case I utilise it fully..😎


I hope …now you all can understand my this unique concept “don’t underestimate your wardrobe ” …and this concept can applies to everyone because every girl has right to look beautiful ❤️ 👸.

Gulzz…this is also one of my tips.

Appreciate and Always be happy whatever you have… never no what comes out…and…make you feel proud and confident.💃💃



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