Everyone Has Their “First Drinking Story”


Everyone has a story about their first time drinking and I am too having a drinking story. I want to share it with you “how I got drunk” and “what sort of BEVKOOFIYAN, I’d done that day”. As I told you earlier, mine is a happy marriage where we keep on doing “lots of masti” together. I haven’t drink earlier because I belonged to a very conservative family where drinking is an offense, especially for girls. But after my marriage, I am more independent and I really want to say thanks to GOD(&obviously to my hubby) for this thing !!



From the very long time(i.e 10 days after my marriage) my husband was continuously asking about my fantasies. One day I have decided to tell him that “I want to drink at least once in my lifetime” and I told him. So, one day he bought two vodkas for us and start serving “vodka shots” one by one. Sudden after 15 minutes something gets changed, my mind starts blowing and everything starts revolving around me. I was behaving like a kid, my tone was totally changed and I was feeling like an over-pampered baby. I start talking him whatever was coming in my mind and after few more minute, I became like a spoiled kid(who was just singing, laughing and dancing without thinking, “Log Kya Kahenge”).


But unfortunately, my masti turns into his punishment, as his “bhaiya bhabhi” were in the next room and he kept on hustling to make me quiet but no idea was working as I was so high. Finally, he took me to the another room and start playing some romantic songs so that no one could hear us. Suddenly, a song came “Sabki Baraatein Aayi” and I started crying. I couldn’t hold my emotions as my past covered-up my senses. I kept on crying & crying & crying !! Then suddenly I start talking about “what I was wanted”, “what I felt”. In fact, I told him that I didn’t want to marry him & many more stupid things. He was just listening to me very calmly and after an hour, he took me to the shower & I realized that the past is over now, I have a very beautiful present which is waiting for me and he is standing in front of me. I just hugged him tightly and apologized for what I said to him, he showed his immense patience and made me feel better.


“Drinking Could Be Injurious To Health if you don’t have a supporting partner”. I had full confidence that I could bear the Taste & Effects of the alcohol but I was wrong. So always drink at your own risk as “PEENE KE BAAD KUCH HOSH NHI REHTA”. I wanted to drink again but after all these stupid things happen 😉 my supportive husband said “NO” to me. And I agree with his decision as drinking can be injurious for me too 😀

If you too have an interesting drinking story like mine then please share with us !!

Aarti Yadav

Aarti Yadav is a contributor at GirlyVirly. She contributes some good article here. She aspires to provide an invaluable guide to live life in a better way.

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