How To Apply Perfect Winged Eyeliner For Beginners

How To Apply Perfect Winged Eyeliner For Beginners

These days winged eyeliners are in so much trend even this is something which is my favorite too (I love to do this every day ). You have seen whenever you apply a lipstick on your face then it suddenly gives you an attractive glow. Same thing happens whenever you apply a winged eyeliner to your face because it suddenly adds the definition to your eyes and gives you beautiful eyes.

Most of the girls think that applying a winged eyeliner is a difficult task, even many of them scare to attempt this. And some get discouraged when they can’t get it right for the first or second time. But believe me, this is not so much difficult, what it is required here is only “Practice”.

Before starting with a winged eyeliner you must know what type of eyeliner you should use if you are a beginner. One thing which I want from you “Have a little patience” then only you are able to do this.

Choose Eyeliner According To Your Experience

SKETCH EYELINER: I highly recommend this eyeliner to all makeup beginners. Because this eyeliner makes the application very easy.

LIQUID EYELINER: Strictly a big “NO” to all the beginners because it can create a messy look for you but at the same time this is the best for experienced ones.

GEL EYELINER: If you are a beginner and you have shaky hands then “NO” because wiping off this eyeliner can be a tough task if you do any mistake. But if you don’t have shaky hands then you can give it a try. This is somehow best for experienced one because it can be applied on both the eyelids areas upper & lower.

PENCIL/ROLL-ON EYELINER: This eyeliner has the very thick tip which is not perfect for creating a winged eyeliner. So, in my opinion just stay away from this !!

It’s Time To Apply !!

STEP 1: Choose a perfect type of eyeliner as per your experience.

STEP 2: For applying winged eyeliner there is two type of tricks are available: Card Trick & Tape Trick.
Card Trick: You need a thick card like debit/credit card, Metro card or any shopping card.
Tape Trick: You need a cello tape.

STEP 3: Card Trick: Take a card then put it in the corner of your eyes, in the angle of your wings. Take a look at the picture.

Card Trick

Tape Trick: Take a small piece of tape then put it in the corner of your eyes in the angle of your wings. Take a look at the picture.

Tape Trick

STEP 4: Initially, draw a sharp straight thin line in the angle of your wings try to start from the outer corner of your eyes to towards your eyebrow.

Outer wing

STEP 5: With the help of small strokes start drawing a straight line above your eyelid. And always remember your liner should start thin in the inner corner and get thicker towards the outer corner. Tip: applying slightly more pressure will draw a thicker line. And also you can use your other hand to gently pull your eye taut so that it help you to create a nice and clean line.

inner wing

STEP 6: Now, draw a reverse “V” in the corner of your eyes and try create a small and thing “V”. Take a look at the picture.

create V look

STEP 7: Now, fill out this reverse “V” and try to join the complete liner from inner corner to outer corner of your winged eyeliner in a finish and smooth way.

Join the eyeliner

STEP 7: For final look remove the cello tape slowly.

final look

Your Final Look Is Ready !!

Might be these tricks looks tough to you but believe me this is the best way how you can create a “Perfect winged eyeliner“. Please remember by words “Have a little patience” and do “Practice”.



Still, if you don’t get the proper idea to apply winged eyeliner then you can see some videos listed below from where I am sure you can learn how to apply a perfect winged eyeliner.


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    I have been always trying hard to apply an eyeliner, especially a liquid eye liner all my life. This article is really very helpful and has some great tips.


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