What Your Favorite Type Of Footwear Says About You

Like most beauty and fashion item, your favorite type of footwear says about you like “who you are” as a human. Even your choice of footwear gives a hint about your daily mood to other person. Personally, I only buy those footwear that I absolutely fall in love with. Or I can say a pair of footwear which capture my essence, my aura etc. Every individual has a preference for their footwear that depends on the design, comfort, appearance, and structure etc. Now, whenever you go outside for party, friend gathering or any other activities always remember what your footwear is going to say about you because other person can judge you according to your footwear. Be Ready Girls !!


Generally when you wear flats it means you want to keep yourself out of the spotlight and don’t want to be a center of attention. You just want to follow a more subtle approach where you can feel comfortable & relaxed !!



You want to be comfortable, relaxed and trendy at the same time. You are a creative person with your hand. And you can experiment a lot with this footwear by wearing it high, low or tie a knot, or tie a bow; the choice is up to you. Your friends of course, always ask you from where you got your clothes and how you made them yourself 😉



You like to keep your fashion style quite simple and subtle by opting for low heels to finish off any amazing outfit. You like to keep the focus on your outfit instead of your footwear !!



You always love be the center of attention and thrive to be in the spotlight !! Nothing makes you feel more confident when all eyes are on you and you are making a great impression on others. You like to make a statement with your fashion style by opting extremely high heels :*



You love to wear platform heels which have a chunky heel, making it the statement piece of any outfit !! This is a great choice that will give you both height and comfort as the platform part makes it so much easier to walk in than extremely high heels !!



Nothing makes you much more happier than getting active and improving your fitness !! You are very outdoors kind of person and you love being outside. Sports style footwear are perfect for these kinds of outdoor.



When it comes to footwear style and fashion, you prefer choosing comfort above anything else. You love being able to stay cool in airy, strappy shoes and feeling totally comfortable. The great thing about sandals is often the versatility to be able to wear them with so many different outfits !!



Your favorite place to hangout is beach where slippers are a great choice because you don’t have to worry about getting sneaky sand inside your closed shoes and you can let your skin breathe and stay airy when the weather is really hot.



Whether you love suede or leather boots, ankle or calf-length style, it’s definite that you aim to make a fashion statement with your shoe choice !! You’re not afraid to be bold and daring as well as choosing to take fashion-risks. You like to stand out from the crowd and be different.



Ava Kumari

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